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DUAL CS-731Q Turntable
Photo contributed by Jürgen Pagel
Fairview, Oregon  USA
Technical Specs Contributed by Geoffrey LeePard
Specifications: 2 Speed, (33.33/45) RPM
Cueing, viscosity damped
Fully Automatic Operation
Quartz Controlled PLL Electronic Direct Drive
Tunable Tonearm Anti-Resonance
Front Panel Controls
Kardan ULM Tonearm
Strobe Light
Ortofon 60 E Cartridge, Standard
Available in Metallic Brown or Metallic Silver

  TTechnical Specifications:

Motor: Quartz Stabilized electronic direct
   drive system using the DUAL EDS 920
Start Up Time: 1.8 secs at 33.33 RPM
Platter: Non-magnetic, Dynamically
Balanced, removable 1.5kg
Speed Control: Quartz Exact, illuminated
strobescope with automatic frequency
switchover for 33 and 45 RPM. 
Wow & Flutter:
       DIN:  +/- 0.025%
WRMS:  +/- 0.015%
  Unweighted: 55dB
  Weighted:      78dB
Tonearm: Distortion free, Ultra Low Mass
  (ULM) tubular aluminum mounted in a 4
  ponit gimbal bearing.  Counterbalance
  with tuning anti-resonator.
Tracking Force: 0-2 grams
Years Manufactured: 1978-81'
Price (New): $730.00(USD)


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