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DUAL CS 505-1 Turntable

Specifications: Semi-Automatic Operation
Two Speed (33.33/45)  RPM
Four Point Gimbal Tonearm
ULM Alloy Tonearm & Cartridge
Strobe Light
Cue Control With Pilot Control
Spec Sheet Data: Motor:   16 Pole Synch, using a flat
belt drive system (DUAL SM-100-1)
Start Up Time: 2-3 seconds @ 33.33
Platter:   Non-Magnetic, Removable
                304mm.   0.9 kg
Pitch Control:  6% at both speeds
                            Strobe light on platter
Wow & Flutter: 
                            0.08%   DIN
                            0.05%   WRMS
  Unweighted:      47 dB
  Weighted:          69 dB
Tonearm:     ULM (Ultra Low Mass)
mounted in a 4 point gimbal low friction
tip bearing.   221 mm.
Tracking Force:  0-3 grams.
Cartridge:   May be fitted with a 1/2"
mount cartridge using a special mount
adapter plate.   5mm overhang.
Cartridge Weight: Can use any
cartridge with a weight of 4.5-10 grams
(including mounting hardware).
Freq Response:  10-25,000 Hz
Years Manufactured: 1981-82'
Price (New): $200.00(USD)


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